Seth Rollins + Paige
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AUA bantering couple.

"Hello, WWE Universe. My name is Paige, and I’m your Divas Champion. Oh, and this is my girlfriend Seth."

"I am not your girlfriend! I’m your manly boyfriend who is very intimidating within this company. Remember that, sweetheart.

"As you wish, pumpkin."

WWE + popular text posts

AU: Dean is extremely distracted by Nikki

Dean: Don’t you have somewhere to be? I can’t think with you around, I’m like trying to focus

Nikki: So, focus. I really don’t know how I’m distracting you

Dean: Nikki..

Nikki: Is there something in particular that’s distrac-

Dean: NIKKI! 

i’m never turning back because My Time Is Now…


AU: Roman and Brie on Backstage Pass;

"I want to make Stephanie pay for everything she and the Authority’s done to me, to Nikki, Roman, -everyone. I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried, she is a McMahon after all and with Triple H in her corner- "



"It doesn’t matter who Stephanie McMahon is, and if Triple H even steps a foot near Brie, I will break him in half. All I know is that at Summerslam, Brie Bella will be the one standing tall.  And I’ll be right there by her side. Believe that.”

AU: Nikki Bella accompanies Seth Rollins to the ring before his match, and they show their support for one another by wearing each other’s shirts.

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